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Artist | Digital Art
United States
Physical Tools:
-Wacom Cintiq 22HD
-Pentel Pocket Brushpen
-Lead Pencil
-Signo Uniball Pen/Hi-tec C Pen
-Grey Copic Markers

-Photoshop CS6 with Painter's Wheel
-Corel Painter '15

When I ain't arting, I'm probably reading philosophy related texts, fiddling with piano, or coding up some stuff... Always open to making new art frands, feel free to drop me a msg.

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Disclaimer: this is not from a esoteric point of view, I have been afflicted by this before.

This journal is going to be focused primarily on addiction to "likes", "faves", "followers", etc. It is going to be primarily from my experience with social media and analyzing it (I like breaking things down logically XD). This will be targeted to artists, but can be applied to everyone else (I guess?). Social media has grown exponentially in the past years. With outlets, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. As artists, we may feel the need to share our creative work with the world (it does feel more complete after, as art is a form of expression). This can be abstracted to moments, photos, events of our lives as well. However there is a caveat...

There are "social units" that comes with each of these media sites. For Instagram it is, Follows, Likes, Comments. For DeviantArt, it may be Watchers, Faves, Comments. Each of these structures have different quantity of units. Such as:
  • Like = 1 Social Unit
  • Comment = 5 Social Units 
  • Follow = 10 Social Units
You can equate these to "dopamine hits" that make you happy. If you receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, you will start to feel happy. However, this creates a NEW baseline, and you now crave more and more. What used to make you content, say 3 Likes, is no longer enough. You need an incrementally more amount of social units to get that feeling again. This can destroy an artist's creativity and individuality. They may start to do what will net them more "social units." Soon, they may even forget, why they wanted to partake in that creative activity. And next thing you know, they are stuck, because they want those "social units" but don't fully enjoy the things they are doing. It may start to feel unauthentic. For those that study philosophy you may know this term but there is a concept called "bad faith" (coined by Sartre - see more here) and it means having your choices in life contaminated by society. Not to mention, purely positive feedback can stagnate an artist's growth, we need to be challenged by ourselves and others.

The other pitfall of social media is the grandiose volume of data being uploaded every minute. With so much information being shared, we start to devalue each chunk of data. We may spend only 1-3 seconds looking at a photo and scroll past it. We may fail to pause and enjoy the art someone has bravely shared (do you remember the first time you shared your art online?). When was the last time you went to an art museum and looked at a painting for more then a minute? The artist has put many many hours into a piece for us to see and now we only peek at these for couple seconds. It is akin to looking at a book cover, and saying that you like the book's content. We should be more decisive in what we are putting our time to viewing. Instead of following 1000 people, following 10 people whose work you truly resonate with may be more valuable in the end. The takeaway here is that less is more.

So one might ask, do we should all just disengage in social media and stop sharing our art? Absolutely not. It is rather a gift that we can now see various art forms across the world without traveling. Furthermore, we can connect and share our art with other artists easily. The danger lies in when one is not aware of these hidden "social units" within social media. Then, they become addicted and start to lose their individuality and become part of some collective.

If you are a business, perhaps, you need to leverage social media to build a following so you can market. But, beware of all I have stated.

In conclusion, don't get attached to these "social units." You will lose your authentic voice as a creative person. You will start to think of "if this will be popular" or "will this get lots of likes" before you create. Truly ingest art by artists, rather then sift through it. You will probably get more out of it, and they will be humbled by that.

Have fun with your art, stop caring about whether it will get praise, just be you and do what you want. Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 

Thank you for your time, and hope you got something out of this.

Some useful podcast/videos you can check out:

Awesome artist- medders talks about struggles (relevant to this topic)

YourCreativePush Podcast - Episode where I was talking about individuality + having a secret sketchbook as an artist (shameless plug Britney Spears - Ashamed )
  • Listening to: Haruhi Medley by Animenz+TehIshter
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Beer


:((( Taking a break from drawing. Cry forever Cry forever  Sorry dawgs for lack of content. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome sucks. Hope to still read some art books though.


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